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Love Goals Plastic Surgery, I got my BBL done a year ago and I fell in love with their high level of patient care, service, and just their fun, easy going staff. Since my last post-op appointment, I have been taking advantage of their medspa services, I have had a bunch of different facials and peels that have my face looking amazing, and they took over as my new laser hair removal spot! Being darker skinned so many laser places use these older lasers, that just work out on my skin. But I can always count on Goals to have the best equipment, and the best service for the best price…it’s a no brainer! My skin has been terrible all my life. My mom and grandma have both had acne problems, and no matter what I did to prevent it, my acne would always come back. It ruined my confidence and held me back in so many ways, with men, with jobs, I was even nervous to go to class most days. But then my aunt took me to Goals Plastic Surgery, and they recommended something called the Vo’Skin Peel. If you see the results they show you, you won’t believe how amazing it is. I was skeptical, but my aunt paid for it, and there was a money back guarantee. After they did the peel, and gave me some things to follow up with on my own I got kind of excited. And its been 4 weeks since I started the process and my skin is COMPLETELY clear!!! This has been the most exciting thing to happen to me, I can’t believe how good I look, and I finally got my confidence back. My roommate can’t believe my results and she’s booking her consult in a few weeks! I have wanted to get my breasts done since I graduated from high school, but it was always either money issues, or just family stuff that always got in the way. So at 28, I was finally able to get it done! Goals Plastic Surgery has the best prices in NYC, nobody is even close! And their surgeons are some of the best around, I have to say Dr. V who did my breast augmentation is an artist, he really knows how to make a woman’s body look good. Check out their Instagram to see what I’m talking about, he can turn a regular mom into the sexiest Instagram model in one procedure! My parents are both short and stocky, so naturally I have been fighting these terrible genes my whole life! After getting in the best shape of my life, I have been dealing with so much excess cellulite on my thighs and hips its crazy. And no matter what I do I could never get rid of it. My sister, who just got her Lipo 360 done, recommended Goals Plastic Surgery. I wasn’t ready for surgery, but during my consultation my doctor recommended something called Velashape. This procedure is amazing! I did about 4 sessions in total, but after each session I could notice much less cellulite, and my legs look really toned and sexy. I’m forever a Goals client now, I can’t to try the rest of their services. I was on Instagram a few weeks ago and noticed something about the Voskin Peel at Goals Plastic Surgery. After seeing the before and after’s I needed to get a consultation done, my acne was at an all time worst. This procedure is like magic! My skin went from having dozens of red little spots, to being almost completely clear in a few weeks. They even have a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with your results. I was shocked when I saw my own before and after online!! Growing up I had horrible acne, but never really knew enough to do much about it.luckily it started to heal in my 20’s but I was left with a bunch of different scars. I was already at Goals Plastic Surgery picking up my sister after a procedure she had, when I saw that they offered scar removal and a lot of other different services. I scheduled a consultation, and the next day I was getting my first session of laser skin resurfacing! After each session healed up, I could notice a slight difference, but they told me the real results would take some time. 2 months after my last session, and my face is completely clear!! You can barely tell I ever had acne or any facial scarring ever before. By the way, my sister also LOVED her results too! So Goals is highly recommended in our family! This review is mostly about the staff at Goals Plastic Surgery, they are the best in any medical practice I have ever seen. From the first call they were extremely helpful, setting my appointments up taking payments online and over the phone, and even arranging my post-op care after my liposuction – which came out amazing by the way! These girls even called to check up on me a number of times during my recovery, that’s an elite level of customer service. If you need anything done to your body, men and women, Goals is the place to be, good prices, great results, and the best service in the city!
Rating: 5 / 5 stars

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Breast augmentation or breast implant surgery is by far one of the most popular surgical enhancement procedures around, and has been for years. From anniversary gifts, to graduation presents – breast augmentation surgery is the number one plastic surgery procedure given as a gift to women of every age. while in years past it may have been an expensive procedure out of range for most, practices like Goals Plastic Surgery have perfected their technique, lowering pricing in a way that brings the popular procedure to the masses. However, with more and more women, especially young women, getting breast augmentation there is a lot of misinformation being spread around. With most plastic surgery procedures, there are many myths going around, and many individuals, even those in the process of getting the surgery done, are ignorant about a number of vital pieces of information and simply don’t have access to the proper information. The staff at Goals Plastic Surgery have compiled a list of important things to know, before getting a breast augmentation.

Learn About Possible Complications and Long-Term Care

Few people are aware about the complications that can arise as a result of breast implants. At Goals Plastic Surgery they make sure to make patients aware that the longer you have your breast implants in, the more likely you are to have complications. Meaning someone in their late teens must understand that they are signing up for the possibility of complications, revision surgery, as well as the possibility for replacement surgery. Over the course of 20 or 30 years, most people must have their implants replaced or lifted over time.

Talk to Your Surgeon

The surgeons at Goals Plastic Surgery preach this to patients in regard to every procedure. There is no dumb question when it comes to surgery, so don’t be afraid to ask. Some describe plastic surgery as interaction between doctor and patient, the more you know each other and communicate the better things will turn out. Make sure to communicate your entire medical history, and get to know your doctor’s professional history. Make sure you communicate your expectations, and your desired look and feel before having the surgery.

Learn About Your Specific Implants & Implant Choices

At Goals Plastic Surgery the surgeons make sure to educate the patients about the types of implants available. Get to know the size, shape, positioning, and characteristics about each implant, and decide what matches up best with the things you are expecting from surgery. Read labels as much as possible, and learn about the SSED’s (Summary of Safety and Effectiveness Data) – which even provide information about possible complications that can arise over time.

Plan a Routine for After Care and Implant Monitoring

Breast exams are important for ALL women; however, they are especially vital to those with breast augmentations. Goals Plastic Surgery provides post-op appointments for the initial period following surgery, however you must plan on getting regular mammograms and MRI’s in order to make sure everything is going well with your implants. The FDA themselves recommend women with breast implants get special mammograms done at least every 2 years following surgery to make sure there are no silent ruptures developing or other issues like growths or infections.

The most important thing for any plastic surgery patient is to get as much information as possible, while plastic surgery can greatly impact your life – improving self-esteem, confidence, and your look; without gathering as much information as possible complications and issues can often arise. The team at Goals Plastic Surgery tries to ensure that patients realize that surgery is serious no matter if it is elective or not. Keep yourself as healthy as possible, and make sure to educate yourself as much as you can, to make sure things go well, and you are prepared for when they don’t.

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